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  • Base Rate:25
  • Per Mile/Km:12
  • Hourly Rate:5
  • Base Rate:50
  • Per Mile/Km:5
  • Hourly Rate:4
  • Base Rate:40
  • Per Mile/Km:12
  • Hourly Rate:7

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Our app is easy to use and very user friendly. Just choose your start and end location, select the car you like and in just a few minutes we’ll be at your doorstep.

Easy Ride Request

Request for ride with our app without any trouble.

Check the Rate in Real Time

Check fare and nearby rides in real time.

Choose Your Driver

Option to choose driver from bids.


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See your Ride in Real Time

Hurry Up offers real-time tracking of the ride until dropped off.

SOS Panic Button

Alert your loved ones in any danger by one tap SOS Emergency Panic Button


Check driver's rating and feedback.

Comparatively low cost

Forget the overpriced fixed rate system and get to choose your fare from bids.

Easy and User Friendly App

User friendly app to get a ride in just a tap

Safe & Clean

Your safety is our concern.

You can use the app to select your pick-up location and destination and then request for a ride.

HURRY UP Rides are currently only available in Dhaka and Chittagong, but we are working on setting up operations in other major cities. To be the first to catch our rides in your home town, keep in touch and follow us on:

A ride costs tk. 25 for hiring plus tk. 12 per kilometer travelled 0.5 paisa per minute. The fare is calculated by the app

There are no waiting charges for traffic jams. There is a waiting charge for voluntary pauses.

You can hire a ride for someone else by your account. You just have to confirm the rider about the order identity.

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Hurry Up Captain

Do you want to be a Hurry Up Captain?

To get started just follow these 3 easy steps:


Complete registration and get verified first.


After reviewing your application we’ll invite you for a training session.


When training is complete, you can start to earn money!


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